Dinner Kaiseki of October

18,150yen (including tax and service charge)

Sakizuke(Pre-serving) Persimmon Mashed Tofu Salad, Japanese Parsley, Plum
Appetizer Simmered Softened Octopus, Herring Sushi, Simmered Shimeji Mushroom with Japanese pepper, Sweet Potato Simmered with Lemon Juice, Chestnuts, Ginkgo
Owan(Soup) Dobin-mushi(Steamed ingredients with Japanese broth in Clay pots) Matsutake Mushroom, Red Bream, Sudachi Citrus
Mukozuke Otsukuri(Assorted Sashimi)
Yakimono(Grilled meal) Shinshu Local Salmon with Salmon Caviar, Ginger
Agemono(Fried meal)  Sea Bream and Eggplant with Sweet and Sour Starchy Sauce
Shiizakana Wagyu Beef Steak with Mushroom starchy sauce
Gohan Chestnut Rice, Soup, Pickles
Confectionery 2 kinds of Ohagi(Bean Cake)
※Depending on the stock, the menu may change.

Lunch Plate

4,200yen (including tax and service charge)

Assorted Appetizers, Gohan and Dessert
Please choose 1 out of 4 Gohan Menu below
1. Kurumidare Tai Chazuke(Sea bream with walnut sauce and Rice soaked in dashi soup)
  Soupstock is served in a clay pot.
  We will serve the sea bream on a separate plate mixed with walnut sauce.
  Whether you leave it as it is or make it with soup stock, you can enjoy it deliciously.
2. Chirashi Sushi
Bowl with Several kind of Sashimi
3. Shinshu Salmon Don
Shinshu Salmon and Ikura(Salmon Red Caviar) Bowl
4. Seafood Somen Noodles
Cold Japanese thin wheat noodles with seafood

Lunch Mini Kaiseki

6,050yen (including tax and service charge)

Sakizuke(pre-serving), Appetizer, Otsukuri(Sashimi), Assort,
Owan(Soup), Yakimono(Grilled Meal), Hiyashibachi(Cold Simmered Meal), Gohan, Confectionery
※This menu is available only for reservations.
※Depending on the stock, the menu may change.

 This menu does not require a reservation. Limited to 10 meals.

Sushi Nigirizen

4000 or 6000 yen (including tax and service charge)

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・1 day before 90%
・on the day of the reservation 100%
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